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Current Exhibitions

In the MacOdrum Library: She Wants an Output

She Wants an Output looks back at the history of the punk music scene in Ottawa, through the work of two women who were involved in it: Mary Anne Barkhouse and Julia Pine. The title for the project is taken from a lyric in the 1981 Restless Virgins song “What Can I Get from You?”

Annie Thibault: La chambre des cultures, foraging in time and space

Returning to the lab as a site for artistic research and experimentation, Annie Thibault is artist-in-residence in a pilot project hosted by CUAG and the Department of Biology. With the collaboration of Dr. Myron Smith, Professor in the Department of Biology, Thibault has been working with Armillaria gallica and other basidiomycota (filamentous fungi) as living material and agents.

Always Vessels

Presenting work by Barry Ace, Vanessa Dion Fletcher, Carrie Hill, Nadya Kwandibens, Jean Marshall, Pinock Smith, Natasha Smoke Santiago, Samuel Thomas and Olivia Whetung

Today, many contemporary Indigenous artists are investigating and incorporating traditional modes of making in their practices, integrating processes of learning, making and the transfer and continuity of knowledge into their practices.

Animate: Diyan Achjadi and Alisi Telengut

This exhibition reflects on how colonialism, climate change and animate forces of the universe are interconnected through the work of two Canadian artists: Jakarta-born Diyan Achjadi and Mongolian-born Alisi Telengut. The natural world is an inexorably bounded, animated environment in which art plays an agential role.

Carleton Curatorial Laboratory (CCL): HERbarium

So, what is an “herbarium?” and why is she the focus? In highlighting the “her” within HERbarium, this exhibition focuses on the highly skilled and too widely unknown women who contributed to the collection, identification, illustration, production and distribution of early scientific knowledge within the field of botany in Canada.

This exhibition has been developed for the Carleton Curatorial Laboratory in collaboration with Dr. Cindy Stelmackowich as part of her seminar “Representations of Women’s Scientific Contributions” offered through the Pauline Jewitt Institute of Women’s and Gender Studies at Carleton University.

CUAG Connects

La chambre des cultures: Conversation with Annie Thibault, Myron Smith and Emily Falvey

Tuesday, 21 November 2017, 7:00 p.m.