OSL 02 (May 12 – May 21, 2017)

Hong Kong Exile (Vancouver), No Foreigners

No Foreigners is a new performance work created by Hong Kong Exile and fu-GEN Theatre (Toronto), produced in association with Theatre Conspiracy (Toronto). It considers Chinese shopping malls as racialized spaces of cultural creation and clash. Seven original stories begin in a mall and quickly diverge—catapulting across cities, between Cantonese and English, in and out of the afterlife, and through past, present and future. With spoken text and a micro-to-macro camera apparatus, the piece weaves together text, miniatures and media design. This project attempts to unpack what is at the heart of “Chineseness” and what the future can hold for all of us as visitors on unceded Indigenous land. There will be a work-on-progress performance during their residency at CUAG.

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