Here Elsewhere Other Hauntings Part 2 // Screening and talk with Ming Tiampo

July 15, 2021

1:00 pm

We'll watch and talk about Jin-me Yoon's videos "Other Hauntings (Song)" and "Other Hauntings (Dance)"

Please join us for a screening and talk with art historian and curator  Ming Tiampo, presented in partnership with the Korean Cultural Centre.

We’ll convene on Zoom; register here. Live captioning will be available. 

We will together view two video works in the exhibitionOther Hauntings (Song) and Other Hauntings (Dance)which Dr. Tiampo will discuss in relation to Yoon’s photographic series Living Time 

In one of the Living Time photographs, a woman scans the ocean’s horizon with binoculars, looking toward Gureombi Rock, located in the village of Gangjeong, on Jeju Island off the coast of South Korea. The rock is a sacred site that has been occupied by a South Korean naval base since 2016 

In one of these experimental video works, Other Hauntings (Dance), a Korean woman explains the deep uncertainty that has plagued the villagers’ lives since the base began construction. In Other Hauntings (Song), a young man sings a song in offering to the sacred rock that sinks below the water’s surface. 

Dr. Tiampo will then talk about the themes of ecology and transnationality that Yoon explores in these works, which eloquently span time and geography. 

Presented temporally on this website and as a series of events, Here Elsewhere Other Hauntings (an experiment in pandemic times) offers opportunities to gather virtually with Jin-me Yoon and others invested in her work, and to share in conversations across geography and time zones. This is the second of three conversations that will punctuate the exhibition’s unfolding online, allowing us to deepen our knowledge of the artist’s practice 


Dr. Ming Tiampo is a Professor of Art History at Carleton University. She is a scholar of transnational vanguardism with a focus on Japan after 1945. She is currently writing the publication on Jin-me Yoon for the Art Canada Institute’s Canadian online art book project. 

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