Here Elsewhere Other Hauntings Part 3 // Screening and talk with Victoria Nolte

August 5, 2021

7:00 pm

We'll watch and talk about Jin-me Yoon's video "Living Time"

Please join us for a screening of Jin-me Yoon films and talk with art historian and Carleton University PhD candidate Victoria Nolte, presented in partnership with the Korean Cultural Centre 

We’ll convene on Zoom; register here. Live captioning will be available. 

We will together view Yoon’s Living Time video, which Nolte will discuss in relation to Yoon’s photographs Rest and (it is this / it is that)

In these works, the seemingly boundless nature of the sky and the sea, allied with trees that seem enormous in comparison to the bodies around them, speak of a reality that transcends the human lifespan.  

These works explore period of timememories, and intergenerational traumas. As Nolte has said, Yoon’s work presents a kind of return: not a physical return to a homeland, but return as a form of relation to histories and concepts of place that stretch across the Pacific Ocean. 

Presented temporally on this website and as a series of events, Here Elsewhere Other Hauntings (an experiment in pandemic times) offers opportunities to gather virtually with Jin-me Yoon and others invested in her work, and to share in conversations across geography and time zones. This is the third of three conversations that punctuate the exhibition’s unfolding online, allowing us to deepen our knowledge of the artist’s practice.  


Victoria Nolte is an art historian and doctoral candidate in the interdisciplinary Cultural Mediations program at Carleton University. Her doctoral work focuses on the visual cultures of Asian diasporas in North AmericaShe is currently Managing Editor of the journal Asian Diasporic Visual Cultures and the Americas. 

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