Queer Family Building: RJ Jones in conversation with Julia Sinclair-Palm

October 28, 2020

4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Reimagining kin and human relationships, one family at a time

Please join us for a free public conversation between artist and sex educator RJ Jones and Carleton professor Julia Sinclair-Palm, in conjunction with the exhibition To Be Continued: Troubling the Queer Archive.

We’ll convene on Zoom: you can register here.

This conversation will explore RJ Jones’ practice as an artist and educator, as they work to explore and strengthen alternatives to traditional family relations.   

In their work for To Be Continued, a photograph titled “2077,” RJ Jones creates a portrait of a queer family set in a post-apocalyptic future. 

This portrait proposes a reorganization of kin and human relationships, colloquially referred to as “chosen family,” which evokes being resolute in the refusal of erasure, while building new worlds. 

Queer Family Building is presented as part of Stonecroft Symposium: To Be Continued.


RJ Jones is Saulteaux–Cree, from Regina, Saskatchewan (Treaty no. 1 & 4), and is currently living on Algonquin Territory in Ottawa. They are a Two Spirit, Non-Binary and Queer multimedia artist, educator and full spectrum doula who decolonizes approaches to gender, sexuality and sexual health. 

Julia Sinclair-Palm is an Assistant Professor in Carleton University’s Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies. Her current SSHRCfunded research project, Drawing Queer and Trans Family, explores the social and emotional worlds of children with queer, trans and gender non-binary parents.   

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