Anthony Burnham: Even Space Does Not Repeat

November 14, 2011 - January 29, 2012

Recent paintings by the Montreal-based artist Anthony Burnham, whose stylistically heterogeneous work investigates painting as a conceptual practice.

Burnham’s works take as their themes the formal and symbolic components that have played a central role in the history of painting, such as perspective, illusionism and the grid.

As Marie-Ève Charron, one of the catalogue essayists, has observed, each of Burnham’s paintings seems to conjure the question formulated by Jean-François Lyotard: “What to paint?” What is there left, today, for painting to say? And how can it say it?

Anthony Burnham’s works offer much opportunity for reflection on these matters, as they are the products of a painting practice that is, at heart, a conceptual activity.

Curated by

Diana Nemiroff and Naomi Potter

Artists in the exhibition

Anthony Burnham


Co-produced with Walter Phillips Gallery, Banff


Anthony Burnham: Even Space Does Not Repeat

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