Drawing on Our History

January 29 - April 16, 2023

We're planning a 30th anniversary blockbuster exhibition!

We’ve invited five fabulous guest curators we’ve worked with in the past to collaborate with CUAG to co-curate a major exhibition that looks at contemporary drawing. We asked each of the five guest curators to invite a Canadian artist with an active, timely and compelling drawing practice.

The exhibition features the work of Sharon Norwood (invited by Kosisochukwu Nnebe), Kablusiak (invited by Heather Igloliorte), Jagdeep Raina (invited by Anna Khimasia), Nalakwsis (invited by Alexandra Kahsenni:io Nahwegahbow), Marigold Santos (invited by Alice Ming Wai Jim), Jay Odjick (invited by Danielle Printup), Mélanie Myers (invited by Heather Anderson) and Gayle Uyagaqi Kabloona (invited by Sandra Dyck).

We will bring the works of these invited artists into conversation with a wide-ranging group of historical and contemporary drawings selected from the University’s collection and made by Canadian and international artists.

The exhibition will be extended and amplified with a dynamic public program curated by Fiona Wright. Taken together, the work of the invited and collection-based artists, the guest curators and all members of the CUAG team will enable us to take a multi-faceted look at drawing, at the development of the University’s collection, and at our growth as an organization over thirty years.

Curated by

Heather Igloliorte, Alice Ming Wai Jim, Anna Khimasia, Alexandra Kahsenni:io Nahwegahbow, Kosisochukwu Nnebe, Danielle Printup, Heather Anderson and Sandra Dyck

Artists in the exhibition

Gayle Uyagaqi Kabloona, Kablusiak, Mélanie Myers, Nalakwsis, Sharon Norwood, Jay Odjick, Jagdeep Raina and Marigold Santos


Supported by The Joe Friday and Grant Jameson Contemporary Art Fund and The Reesa Greenberg Digital Initiatives Fund