Laura Taler: THREE SONGS

September 25 - December 18, 2022

Laura Taler’s ambitious video installations grapple with questions raised by experiences of migration.

Catalyzed by Laura Taler’s past and by the ongoing refugee crisis, THREE SONGS explores questions of “the foreign” and of language, loss and the reshaping of identity.

In Song #1, we find Taler in a German forest, singing a Romanian folk song.

In Song #2, she sings a score for an Argentinean tango at her late grandmother’s house in Romania.

Song #3 is set at Berlin’s historic Theater im Delphi and at Gipsformerei—one of the world’s largest plaster cast replica workshops. Here, Taler sings a Yiddish song describing a bygone era of food, wine and celebration.

Born and raised in Romania, Laura Taler moved with her family to Italy, and then to Canada. She is now an internationally renowned choreographer, filmmaker and artist, based in Ottawa.

Curated by

Heather Anderson

Artists in the exhibition

Laura Taler


Supported by Migration and Diaspora Studies at Carleton University.