Milutin Gubash: All in the Family

February 13 - April 22, 2012

Milutin Gubash casts himself (and his family and friends) in his work, telling stories that blur the lines between art and everyday life, fact and fiction, and the past and present.

All in the Family is a ten-year survey of the Serbian-born, Montreal-based artist Milutin Gubash, whose diverse practice is focused on the investigation of his personal, social and cultural identity.

The exhibition is anchored by several major projects including Which Way to the Bastille?, which recounts the story of his father’s life in, and escape from, communist Yugoslavia.

The video These Paintings and related abstract “paintings” both explore the viability of abstraction, and the life of the artist, under Communism.

The hilarious Born Rich, Getting Poorer is a sitcom-style video series (complete with laugh track) starring Gubash as himself, the Buster Keaton-like everyman who embarks on a hapless search for home, and for roots, after the recent death of his father.

Curated by

Sandra Dyck

Artists in the exhibition

Milutin Gubash


Milutin Gubash

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