Outside These Walls: Photographs by Yannick Anton and David Ofori Zapparoli

February 27 - May 7, 2017

The Toronto-based artists Yannick Anton and David Ofori Zapparoli share a community-focused and collaborative approach to documenting urban life.

Zapparoli has represented the visual history of Canadian cities for over 30 years, the majority of his work is informed by a strong social realist approach. Until 1999, he had focused on the public housing development of Regent Park, putting a human face on the stigmatized and transitional community of which he had been a part of since his teens.

Anton’s candid and energetic photographs draw stylistic inspiration from the youth, fashion, music and queer-positive cultures that he captures.

Together, the artists’ compelling works present unique and unapologetic insights into diverse landscapes and lives, addressing the systemic barriers that they expose and refute, while re-imagining regimes of the image away from fixed inscriptions of race, gender and class.

Curated by

Pamela Edmonds

Artists in the exhibition

Yannick Anton and David Ofori Zapparoli