Y & G #12 (curtain walls)

September 16 - December 15, 2013

Three sculptures and a film introduce the theme of the glass curtain wall in the collaborative work of Christian Giroux and Daniel Young.

The film Camera Tracking a Spiral Drawn Between the Two Curved Towers of Viljo Revell’s Toronto City Hall (2010), which documents an iconic example of Modernist architecture, was produced using the building itself as a “machine” and provides a conceptual starting point for the exhibition.

The sculptures conjoin a customized acrylic and spider-clamp design with standard off-the-shelf industrial racking systems to create human-scale sculptures that invite us to reflect on the production of space in the urban environment.

Viewed together, the film and sculptures produce a series of intersecting readings in which the practices of modernist architecture and contemporary sculpture approach and negotiate one another.

Curated by

Diana Nemiroff

Artists in the exhibition

Christian Giroux and Daniel Young


Y & G #12 (curtain walls)

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