Learning Opportunities

If you’re a student, professor, local teacher or community group, get connected to art and ideas with these learning opportunities. 

For community groups

We welcome community groups for engaging outings at CUAG. Our facilities are physically accessible and you don’t need prior knowledge of art to enjoy your visit. These opportunities are free and available on weekdays.

Exhibition tours

Would you like to take a deeper look into an exhibition? Groups can take inspiring tours of our art exhibitions. Schedule an informal and conversational tour with one of our educators.

For educators

If you are an instructor, professor or TA, we invite you to use CUAG as a resource for creating unique, art-based experiential learning opportunities for your students. These opportunities are free and available on weekdays.

Post-secondary education

Exhibition tours

Our tours can be tailored to address the themes and questions of your course. The tours always begin with students’ observations, so our educators can encourage connections between the students’ knowledge and experiences and the artists’ works. 


Our roster of workshops creates opportunities for your students to build confidence while looking at, writing about and talking about art. Our in-gallery Slow Looking workshop uses art to foster invaluable, lifelong skills in your students, including critical thinking and visual analysis. Our in-classroom Art & Activism and Art & Care workshops spark creativity and self-reflection.


Let’s collaborate to create inventive assignments inspired by our exhibitions and collections! Together, we’ll find new ways to help your students explore a work of art or an exhibition. We’re open to your ideas and are keen to work together.

Guest talks

We’ll connect your students with a local or visiting artist or curator, who can provide special perspectives on their artwork and exhibition. We respectfully ask that you provide an honorarium for the guest.

Elementary and secondary schools

CUAG is an alternative classroom space where your students can connect with art, new ideas and each other. Your visit can even lead to further partnership opportunities, including collaboratively designed projects.

Tour and workshop combos (available May to June)

We offer enriching learning experiences through gallery visits that include an exhibition tour and a participatory workshop.

We customize our tours to support your learning objectives and make sure they’re grade-level appropriate. Our hands-on workshops build on the themes explored in the exhibitions.

In the past, we’ve built structures with recycled materials, designed memory maps of our neighbourhoods and sculpted animal alter egos from clay.

The visit lasts approximately two hours and includes time for a snack. Transportation to and from CUAG is your responsibility. We prioritize schools in our vicinity but are always open to inquiries.