Carol Sawyer: The Natalie Brettschneider Archive


Published by CUAG, Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, Vancouver Art Gallery and Koffler Gallery

11.25 x .05 x 9"

112 pages



ISBN 978-1-48840013-1

Featuring texts by Heather Anderson, Mona Filip, Bruce Grenville, Michelle Jacques and Erin Silver

This elegant book explores the Natalie Brettschneider Archive, an ongoing series by Vancouver-based artist Carol Sawyer that features photographs, archival documents, drawings, films and music recitals to reconstruct the life and work of a historical genre-blurring performance artist.

The exhibition was presented at CUAG and customised into new iterations at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria in 2016-17; the Vancouver Art Gallery in 2017-18 and the Koffler Gallery in 2020.