Jin-me Yoon: Here Elsewhere Other Hauntings (an experiment in pandemic times)


Published by CUAG

66 pages



Featuring texts by Anne-Marie St-Jean Aubre

This trilingual (Korean, French, English) publication is produced in conjunction with Here Elsewhere Other Hauntings, Jin-me Yoon’s first career survey, curated by Anne-Marie St-Jean Aubre and produced by the Musée d’art de Joliette.

The exhibition was originally intended to be physically installed at CUAG, but pandemic restrictions inspired us to explore other avenues for engaging with Yoon’s work. We collaborated with Jin-me Yoon and Anne-Marie St-Jean Aubre to develop a thematic release of selected works from the exhibition, online, over the course of the summer of 2021.

All the videos and photographs presented in these thematic releases are brought together in this free downloadable PDF. English translation is by Jo-Anne Balcaen; Korean translation is by Dongwoo Kim and Euijung McGillis.

This publication is generously supported by the Diana Nemiroff Publishing Endowment Fund.

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