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Featuring texts by Ellen Waterman and Sandra Dyck

This free downloadable PDF surveys Resonance, an exciting experimental project co-produced by Ellen Waterman and CUAG. Ellen commissioned artists to co-create experimental music that resonated with and responded to two CUAG exhibitions: The Baroness Elsa Project and Laura Taler: THREE SONGS.

Resonance is a two-stage project — research-creation and public presentation — that took place from 2021-24. We first engaged artists in testing a community-engaged, equitable model of collaborative work and then continued working with these same artists to deepen their collaboration and refine it for presentation in public.

The artists made beautiful music together — producing a performance afternoon called Cosmic Chemistry and signed music compositions called own home search-find / chez soi cherché-trouvé.

Resonance was funded by the Canada Council for the Arts, the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, the Reesa Greenberg Digital Initiatives Fund and Music, Sound, and Society in Canada.

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