Shannon Finnegan: Lone Proponent of Wall-to-Wall Carpet


Published by CUAG

36 pages



ISBN 978-1-4884-0027-8

Featuring texts by Fiona Wright and Heather Anderson

This free downloadable PDF is produced in conjunction with Shannon Finnegan: Lone Proponent of Wall-to-Wall Carpet, curated by Fiona Wright and Heather Anderson.

The exhibition featured suites of text-based portrait drawings, several portable murals, wood furniture and floor cushions. The furniture, cushions and Portable Mural 2 were debuted at CUAG.

In the publication, Wright and Anderson reflect on this compelling and often humorous body of work by the Brooklyn-based Finnegan, which at once calls attention to and destabilizes ableism, while urging institutions to examine their responsibility for providing safe, welcoming and accessible environments for all visitors.

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This publication is generously supported by the Diana Nemiroff Publishing Endowment Fund.

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