Steve Giasson as Others / Steve Giasson comme les autres


Published by CUAG

94 pages



ISBN 978-1-4884-0026-1

Featuring texts by Mélanie Boucher, Janne Cleveland, Anna Khimasia, Didier Morelli, Jessica Ragazzini, Stefan St-Laurent, Saelan Twerdy and Rhiannon Vogl, and an interview between Steve Giasson and Jean-Michel Quirion, in English and French.

This bilingual (French and English) publication accompanies Steve Giasson as Others / Steve Giasson comme les autres, curated by Jean-Michel Quirion.

In this free downloadable PDF catalogue, Giasson, Quirion and eight guest writers reflect on a major body of new photographs by Giasson, who uses disguises and props to restage and perform self-portrait photographs made by other artists. His compelling, often humorous, portraits at once pay homage, examine ideas of “the artist” and of singular authorship, and explore acts of performance and their documentation.

English translation is by Jo-Anne Balcaen. French translation is by Jennifer Couëlle. The installation photographs by Steve Giasson (assisted by Martin Vinette) were retouched by M.A. Marleau.

This publication is generously supported by the Diana Nemiroff Publishing Endowment Fund.

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